Love Leads To Destruction In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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Some people will do anything for love. Some people build themselves with love as a end goal , while others make one life changing decision for love. In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby and George are two men who let love control them. Love leads to destruction when that love the basis of one’s decisions is one theme seen in the Great Gatsby. This theme is demonstrated through both George and Gatsby 's actions.
In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby decisions can always be connected back to his love. The first encounter he had with Nick was to get closer to Daisy. Gatsby has been changing himself to create a person Daisy wants. Gatsby asked Jordan to ask Nick if he could bring Daisy to Nick’s house, “ I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties,
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They would have done anything for Daisy and Myrtle. Gatsby has always made his decision based on Daisy; He orchestrated his own fate due to that fact. George didn’t let his love for Myrtle control him. But, when he lost her he made that one decision based on her. He simultaneously destroyed two people’s lives because of his love for Myrtle. The police are commenting on George after he killed himself and Gatsby, “ Some one with a positive manner, perhaps a detective, used the expression “madman” As he bent over Wilson’s body….” (163).George went to Gatsby’s house and killed him to give Myrtle justice. When a loved one dies anyone would be angry, but George actually took someone’s life. He had to have been thinking about Myrtle and how much he loved her. Next, He had to be thinking someone should pay for taking her away from him. He was so completely in love with her that he would do anything to give her peace. He took his own life that could only be because he felt tremendous guilt for killing Gatsby. If it was really his will to kill Gatsby he would have justified it in his head. He was fueled by love, and it took away two people 's lives. George snuck into Gatsby’s house to kill him, “ The touch of a cluster of leaves revolved it slowly,tracing, like the leg of transit, a thin red circle in the water” (162). Gatsby died without a proper goodbye to the world . I can’t help but …show more content…
Gatsby has obviously done everything for Daisy. Every decision he made could be traced back to Daisy one way or another. George is clearly very in love with Myrtle. He is so in love with her he leaves himself open for manipulation. Premature death is destruction within itself. Someone 's life is stolen away from them when they had their best years ahead of them. It hurts so many people and is so damaged it can’t be undone. George and Gatsby both got caught up in love, and let it lead to their destruction. George and Gatsby would have done anything for love. In the end, Both of their actions show they were too easily blinded by

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