What Is Daisy's Opinion In The Great Gatsby

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Most look at wealth as a fairly positive thing and in some cases that can be true. In The Great Gatsby, however, that is not the case. Jay Gatsby is one of the main characters in this book and plays a very prominent role. He is looked upon as this rich man with a perfect life, but lots of people have suspicions of how he got rich in the first place. There are some suspicions that he may have gotten wealthy in the wrong way by lying his way to the top. Gatsby is always throwing parties and having lots of people over at his house. Nick Carraway, the narrator and another character in the story, happens to live right across the street from Gatsby and witnesses these parties almost every night. Right when it is least expected, Carraway gets an …show more content…
He becomes wealthy in order to show off for a woman that he knows is married. "Buchanan serves as Gatsby 's executioner; he allows George Wilson to believe that Gatsby had killed Myrtle" (Trask 3). This passage is about Tom Buchanan having suspicions about what may have been going on between his wife and Gatsby. Though he is not being faithful either, Tom decides to let Myrtle’s husband George believe that Gatsby was driving the car and that he deliberately killed Myrtle. In reality, Daisy was driving the car. Tom cannot believe that Daisy is not being faithful. He never thought that their marriage would get to that point, though he is already cheating with his secret love, Myrtle. “Some time toward midnight Tom Buchanan and Mrs. Wilson stood face to face, discussing in impassioned voices whether Mrs. Wilson had any right to mention Daisy‘s name” (Fitzgerald 37). This part of The Great Gatsby is ironic because he is not okay with Daisy doing something that he has been doing for a while. He expects her to be completely okay with knowing that he does it, but when she does it, he makes her out to be a bad person. In a sense, George and Gatsby are similar. They both love women who do not love them, but instead love Tom. Tom is the only character that is aware of this because he knows that Myrtle loves him more than she loves her own husband and that his wife, Daisy, loves him more than Gatsby as well. George and Gatsby are both searching for something that they are unaware is probably not going to

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