Great Gatsby Analysis Essay

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The Great Gatsby Analysis

The Great Gatsby is a book written by the American author Scott Fitzgerald, in 1925. It takes place in a small, fiction village called West Egg close to Long Island in New York City, US. The story takes part during the summer of 1922.
West Egg is described as a town for new rich men who is on a pursuit of happiness.
We see that the whole novel is colored by the jazz age and this makes everything described classy.


The narrator is Nick Carraway who also is the «eyes» we read the whole novel trough. Nick Carraway is a World War I veteran and a former Yale graduate. He moves to West Egg and rents a small and shabby house to start a new life and search for happiness. In the whole novel we bound
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He dedicates his life to track him down and kill him. Hi finally manages to lay his eyes on Gatsby and he shoots him before putting a bullet in himself. At the funeral that Nick was arranging there was rarely few attending and this confuses Nick because Gatsby seemed like a really popular man, but at the end of the day he was just surrounded by parasites. One of the guests that lived in the mansion even called Nick to ask if he could come over and get a pair of boots he had left at one of the parties.


The major conflict in this novel is the conflict Gatsby is having with his past. His obsession with the fact that he once was to poor to marry Daisy and that she, over the years they were apart had moved on with her life, while he had not moved on a single bit.


The american dream is a key to this novel and this is what the whole novel is built up at. He is both representing the corrupted dream and the uncorrupted dream. He seeks wealth because he thinks this is the solution to his problem being a poor man — too poor to marry the love of his life. Jay Gatsby’s death does not symbolize the american dream, so don’t get med wrong. His death symbolizes how it can end if you take shortcuts to achieve the american

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