Character Analysis Of Major Characters In Homer's The Iliad

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The Iliad begins as a priest of Apollo comes to the Achaean camp to plead for his daughter’s freedom from King Agamemnon. King Agamemnon refuses the man’s ransom, and in sorrow the priest, Chryses, prays to Apollo for revenge against the stubborn king. Apollo grants his wish and for nine days Apollo’s plague devastates the camp. On the tenth day, Calchas tells the king what is required to ease the god’s anger. King Agamemnon agrees to give Chryseis back to her father, but he will take Achilles’ prize, a woman named Briseis, as compensation for his loss. Infuriated, Achilles refuses to fight in Agamemnon’s army any longer. He begs his mother, Thetis, to ensure Zeus will make ruin of the Achaean forces. Zeus sends the king a misleading dream …show more content…
Achilles is on good terms with most of the gods, and they tend to rule in his favor throughout this book. The Iliad revolves around Achilles’ resentment for Agamemnon. His fatal flaw is his sense of pride, which as shown in the Iliad, has caused many to die. Achilles is a selfish and brutal man, just like Agamemnon, and it’s said that people who are as similar as these two tend to be at odds.
Agamemnon- Agamemnon is the egotistical leader of the Achaean troops. His lack of consideration for others is what created the conflict with Achilles in the beginning of the story. He is also a considerably cunning character in this story. Agamemnon is a king who can lead his people in battle, even though he’s incredibly self-centered and asserts his place as king at every available opportunity. Agamemnon is the one to apologize to Achilles when the tide of war turns against them in hopes of Achilles coming to their
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Diomedes-A brave and strong fighter, his skill on the battlefield captured even the gods attention.
Hector- The Trojans champion, he is considered a hero, but he flees from the battle in fear multiple times.
Helen- The beautiful woman that fueled the Trojan war by running off with the Trojan prince, Paris; she was the wife of Menelaus.
Hera- The wife of Zeus and queen of the olympians, Hera roots for the Achaeans.
Menelaus-The original husband of Helen, he is a brave fighter.
Nestor- Old and wise, he is one of the best public speakers for the Achaeans.
Odysseus- He is also one of the Achaeans’ best public speakers.
Paris- The attractive Paris, the seducer of Helen. He is Helen’s second husband, and duels Menelaus over her.
Patroclus- A friend of Achilles, he dons Achilles’ armor and fights in the battle but is killed by Hector.
Priam- The king of the city of Troy, he is Hector’s father
Thetis-A sea-nymph, she is the mother of Achilles and the one who pleads for Zeus to take actions against the Achaeans.
Zeus- The ruler of the sky, he is the most powerful of the Olympian gods and their leader. Thetis pleads with him to fulfil Achilles’ wish of destruction of the

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