Essay on Character Analysis of Emily Grierson

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The Character Analysis of Emily Grierson In William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” the story is revolved around the character Emily Grierson. The story is told by the townspeople where Emily lives. These people are attending her funeral and pitching in memories and tales they remember from Emily’s life. It is through the collective voices and opinions of the crowd that the reader is able to interpret Emily’s struggles. With Emily Grierson’s choices the reader can tell that she is a dependant woman, with psychotic tendencies, and does not take the thought of change and rejection lightly. Emily is a very dependant woman who can’t take care of herself. She is so used to having her father around and to tend to her. At age thirty Emily is …show more content…
Tobe! The Negro appeared. Show these gentlemen out” (210). Years before Colonel Sartoris allowed Emily to not pay her taxes. Now that the city wants to start charging the town taxes Emily thinks it’s absurd and cannot adjust to the change. Again, it took Emily three full days to finally accept the death of her father. She can’t handle the truth that her father is no longer with her so she decides to lie about it. Emily had not encountered rejection in her life because her father always tended to her. When Homer Barron rejects her she doesn’t know how to react. Emily snaps in the inside and feels that the only way she can face this type of rejection is by making Homer stay with her forever by poisoning him. Emily buys the rat poison to kill Homer and lays his body down in her bed which she lies next to daily for the rest of her life. In William Faulkner’s story the character Emily Grierson is described in the eyes of the townspeople. The reader never hears from Emily directly and is forced to believe the rumors, stories, and opinions that come from the city people that attend her funeral. Emily obviously seems to have gone through struggles in her life that lead her to become the person she is thought out to

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