Super Hero In Marvel's Film Dr. Strange

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After being available in cinema for about a week, Marvel’s new film Dr.Strange has already becoming one of the most popular movie in cinema now. Even though Dr.Strange is a completely new character for the most of the audience, but combining Benedict Cumberbatch’s unparalleled performance and the excellent special effect, Dr.Strange who is the first super hero to use magic began getting more and more intention. But after so many big production super hero movie, how is Dr.Strange different from the others? First, Dr.Strange’s identity. He is a doctor, and in the start of the film Dr.Strange pulled a bullet out of patient’s brain with his bare hands and listen to music during the operation, it shows that how talent that Strange got. Also …show more content…
I think it’s time. Because when Dr. Strange went to met ancient one, the watch which is the only thing he got ,it’s meaningful to him. On the back of the watch, it has curved the time. And at last, Dr Strange defeated Dormammu by using time. They’ve got stuck in the timeline so that Strange can have unlimited chance to ask Dormammu to leave the earth.Also the last scene of the movie is Dr.Strange holding the watch and finally the audience see the back of the watch which is more meaningful at the end. The word ’time’ is actually hard to explain it well, what is time? what does time mean to us? This movie using the word Time as the main theme, expanded more possibility for the whole movie, and also let this movie become more fascinating. Before the movie is in cinema, it’s already gots lots of attention. The fans of Marvel and the fans of Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict Cumberbatch is an English actor who was famous as the BBC TV series SHERLOCK. Benedict’s performance is so good that the crew even delay the date that they’ve planned to shot to wait for Benedict’s free period.It’s rare to see a Marvel film using a celebrity to play a super hero. Most of the actors become famous because of the Marvel film, such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston…. the reason that they choose Benedict to play Dr.Strange because first he is an skillful actor and also it’s because of Dr.Strange is really an unfamiliar character for

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