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Death of a Salesman-Character Analysis
This is my character analysis essay on Willy Loman. Some of the characters in the play are Ben, who is his brother. He is already dead when the play begins and is only around in Willy's memories and reveries. Will has always looked up to Ben and tries to make him an example for his sons. Biff, who is his son is a catalyst. He drives his father's thoughts and actions throughout the play. When will cannot accept the present, he withdraws to the past, and biff his most likely there. Howard is Willy's boss. Howard is Frank Wagners son, Willy's past employer. Now willy works for Howard. Then, you have charley. Charley is Willy's best friend. Charley is somewhat successful and willy is jealous of him
The play takes place in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Boston Massachusetts. Somewhere in the 1940s. Most of the play is in Willy's home and yard in Brooklyn NYC.
Willy Loman is a 63-year-old man from Brooklyn Newyork. He had 34 years of experience as a salesman. He worked for the same company who cuts his pay and fires him during the play. He has a hard time dealing with his personal issues and accepting himself. This leads to multiple suicide attempts. Linda,
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He wanted to move forward in his life, but he is too stuck in his delusions. He has a silver trophy because he is always second best. He was very close to achieving his dreams. He definitely had it in him, but he was so trapped and closed in. He did not want to let go of the past and accept things so that is why he was always one step behind. It even caused the loss of his job. He would have rather died than accepted that he had been lying to himself for so long. Willy was able to dream until the very end though and that is what made him special. He paid the last payments on the house so it would no longer belong to the bank. He was a hero regardless of his downfall as a

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