Character Analysis: Hatchet, Moon Shadow

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How can I make this work, this is so hard! I am so lost right now! Have you ever felt loneliness, hunger, fear, immaturity, and confidence? I know I have, so did these characters named Brian (from the book Hatchet, Moon Shadow (from the book Dragonwings), and Rachel (from the book Eleven). Brian is a boy that faces the wilderness with very little resources. Moon Shadow is a young man that is curious and fearful of the strange place his father works in. Lastly, Rachel is experiencing the fact that she is turning eleven and has to face her emotions of confusion, and being not confident of herself. Moreover, these characters faced life changing challenges that had a direct impact on their lives.
Brian faced loneliness and hunger when he crashed and was stranded in an unfamiliar place. According to page 7, Brian was ready to give up until he remembered what his teacher said,” stay positive and stay on top of things...”. This shows that Brian listened to his teacher; forgot
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When father moved away, Moon Shadow’s life changed and they felt sad. Also, Moon Shadow’s mother had much more work to do,” she had to do both her own work and Father’s on our small farm…” page 20. This evidence from the text clarifies the fact that when Father moved away, Moon Shadow and his family’s lives changed because life was tougher. Moon Shadow and his mother and grandmother all had the feeling of fear towards the foreign land since it was unfamiliar. Moon Shadow felt scared since his grandfather got lynched in the strange place. They were also fearful for Father’s safety...” page 20. The quote I have chosen from the story Dragonwings, shows that Moon Shadow and his family were afraid for Father’s safety since Grandfather got lynched in the place Father is working in. As shown above, Moon Shadow had to deal with his Father immigrating to a strange place and the fear of the place

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