Essay about Character Analysis : Atticus And Bob Ewell

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The chapter starts with a conversation about Atticus and Bob Ewell where they are on the street after Atticus left the post office that morning. Bob Ewell is racist and hates black people, and now Atticus is on the black side, Mr. Ewell is going to deal with Atticus much like how he deals with a black person in the town of Maycomb. Mr. Ewell approaches Atticus and starts to punch him, curse him, and threatens to kill him, but it doesn’t work for Atticus. Bob Ewell realizes and says, “Too proud to fight, you nigger-lovin’ bastard?” [pg. 291] This quote exemplifies the theme of intolerance because Mr. Ewell is well known for his racism of black people. Atticus is a colored lawyer, so he’s going to be hated and dealt with the same as a black person in Mr.Ewell’s eyes. After being provoked into a fight by Bob Ewell, Atticus returns home safely, but Aunt Alexander and his children worry that Bob Ewell will for sure try to kill or harm Atticus. However, Atticus doesn’t see that. He views the problem as Bob Ewell having made a fool of his family at the trial of Tom Robinson, so he must revenge to get his family’s reputation back or at least attempt a fight to get the problem out of his way. Now that it is unsuccessful, Atticus believes that there will be no more trouble from Bob Ewell. Meanwhile, Tom Robinson has been moved to a prison that’s seventy miles away from Maycomb while he is waiting for his appeal. Atticus and his children are talking about rape, a capital offense in…

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