Essay about Chapter One - Original Writing

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Chapter One I’m back here again. Everyday I walk in these doors expecting so much and leaving with so little. Of course if you have no Idea what i’m talking about you know exactly what you want to do with your life. Obviously I don’t. Personally I don’t like people who are that prepared. If you are lost I am talking about school. That’s where I go almost everyday to so far learn without a real purpose. I only like a few classes. My grades are average, but I really don’t like being average. I enter the school and sit down in my first class were my friend Sarah decides to interrupt my thoughts. “Willow are you you going to just stare at the wall all day?” “Yes Sarah because thats what I do, I just stare at walls day after day.” “What could you really be thinking about this early in the morning?” “Oh you know the usual last nights tv shows and all of that.” Sometimes my friends really don’t get it. They are all above average. They have lives where they do stuff. My best friend Sarah has been playing soccer since she was born and shes going to college for free. She knows exactly what she wants and then theres me. The bell rings and I go to my first class. The day starts out normal I go to class learn a little maybe take a test, but after a while the day felt different. It started raining and I could tell everyone felt uncomfortable from this. It was sunny and now its not. I am probably the only one that feels any different. I already know…

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