Chapter 9 Review Questions Essay

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Fred Bear MAIR 1449.02 3-24-11 R.Q. Unit 9 (E.B.) 1. What is magnetism? When two pieces of iron are attracted to each other by physical means or electrical means. 2. Torque is A. Strength that a motor produces by turning. 3. A magnetic field is D. All the above. 4. True or False: A permanent magnet is a piece of material that has been magnetized and can hold its magnetic strength for a reasonable length of time. True. 5. How is an electromagnet produced? Through electricity. 6. Which of the following produces the best electromagnet? B. soft iron 7. Unlike poles of a magnet repel each other and like poles attract each other. 8. What part does polarity play in the operation of an …show more content…
Explain the operation of a permanent split capacitor motor. It has two windings, running and starting. A running capacitor is put in series with the starting winding. The capacitor causes the electron to flow through the starting

winding to shift it out of phase with the running winding. Therefore, a rotating magnetic field is set up, causing the rotor to turn. 27. How are a PSC motor and a capacitor start capacitor run motor similar? C. Both use starting relays. 28. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the following types of motors? A. Shaded pole motor- 29. What are the similarities between an open type split phase motor and a capacitor start motor? C. Both have a centrifugal switch. 30. Which of the following is an advantage in using a three phase motor? B. Stronger. 31. Draw a wiring diagram of a capacitor start capacitor run motor:

32. True or false: All starting apparatuses are mounted externally to the hermetic compressor shell. True. 33. What is the purpose in troubleshooting any electric motor? 34. Which of the following is the capacitance of an 88 uf and a 108 uf starting capacitor connected in series? A. 196uf. 35. Which of the following is the capacitance of

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