Chapter 5 Essay examples

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Part Two Information Technology Infrastructure

I N T E R A C T I V E S E S S I O N : O R G A N I Z AT I O N S
Computer rooms are becoming too hot to handle. Data-hungry tasks such as video on demand, downloading music, exchanging photos, and maintaining Web sites require more and more power-hungry machines. Power and cooling costs for data centers have skyrocketed by more than 800 percent since 1996, with U.S. enterprise data centers predicted to spend twice as much on energy costs as on hardware over the next five years. The heat generated from rooms full of servers is causing equipment to fail. Some organizations spend more money to keep their data centers cool than they spend to lease
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Experts note that it’s important for companies to measure their energy use and inventory and track their information technology assets both before and after they start their green initiatives. Commonly used metrics used by Microsoft and other companies include Power Usage Effectiveness, Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency, and Average Data Efficiency. It isn’t always necessary to purchase new technologies to achieve “green” goals. Organizations can achieve sizable efficiencies by better managing the computing resources they already have.

Chapter 5 IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies


Health insurer Highmark initially wanted to increase its CPU utilization by 10 percent while reducing power use by 5 percent and eventually by 10 percent. When the company inventoried all of its information technology assets, it found that its information systems staff was hanging onto “dead” servers that served no function but continued to consume power. Unfortunately, many information systems departments still aren’t deploying their existing technology resources efficiently or using green measurement tools. Programs to educate employees in energy conservation may also be necessary. In addition to using

energy-monitoring tools, Honda Motor Corporation trains its data center administrators how to be more energy efficient. For example, it taught them to decommission unused equipment quickly and to use management tools to ensure servers are

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