Chapter 5 Summary Of Frankenstein

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Walton writes a series of letters to his sister Margaret, describing his expedition to the North Pole. At first everything is going smoothly until the boat gets stuck in a sheet of ice. Walton and the crew find a man,who is half dead, on the ice sheet and decide to bring him aboard. walton doesn 't have many friends so he is very happy to have an interesting person,who is going to tell his story tomorrow, aboard the boat.
The new guy aboard the boats name is victor Frankenstein. Even in his condition he enjoys talking. He begins his story at birth, talking about his parents Alphonse and Caroline. Victor talks about how his family adopted a girl named Elizabeth when he was five years old so he would have someone to marry. Victor did not know
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Victor spends the night in the courtyard that night having strange dreams about Elizabeth and his mothers corpses. Victor talks with his friend Henry the next day about Henry attending the university with him. Victor falls ill with a fever that day and Henry brings him back to health for a few months. Henry then gives victor letters from Elizabeth when he finally reCovers.
In Elizabeth 's letters she is worried about victors illness and repeatedly tells him to write more. She also tells victor about their new servant Justine. When Henry and victor go back to their studies they begin to study oriential languages. Victor avoids the scientists because they remind him of the mistake he made.
One day victor gets a letter from his father describing how someone has murdered his little brother William.victor leaves immediately for his home but is too late and the gates were closed for the night. Victor decides to spend the night in the forest that night. After walking around for a bit victor finds the monster he created. Victors immediate assumption is that the monster killed his brother. The next day victor returns home and finds out that Justine was accused for the murder. Victor knows Justine is innocent but refuses to tell why he thinks so because he will be thought of as
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One night the monster finds clothes and books in the woods. The monster falls in love with the "paradise of lost" which he reads as a history book instead of fiction. In the pockets of the clothes the monster finds victors journal entries and figures out victor was disgusted by him. The monster decides that his last chance of acceptance is with the blind man in the family and he decides to approach him. The other family members return home far to soon and shoo of the monster. When he returns to the house the family is gone. The monster wants revenge on all humans for treating him this way,especially victor who created him. Even though the monster vows vengeance he saves a small girl from drowning. The father of the girl shoots the monster and he nurses his wound in the woods. In the woods the monster runs into victors brother. He was about to let the kid go until the boy threatened to have his father kill him. When the monster figures out that he is related to victor he strangles him with his bare hands. After the monster completes his story he asks victor to Create him a wife so he won 't be alone. Victor refuses the monsters request. After persuading him victor finally agrees to do it. The monster saying he will follow victor to make sure he actually does it. Victor can 't seem to focus on his project so he moves to England with Henry. Victor has difficulty working with Henry and the monster hovering over him so he

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