Chapter 4 of Veiled Sentiments Essay

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Chapter four of Veiled Sentiments showed why sexual modesty is essential to a women’s honor. The Bedouins are much more enthusiastic with the birth of a boy over a birth of a girl. These people would rejoice for a boy and mourn for a girl. I understand this is their way of life and this is within their culture but if girls were never born, then who would give birth to any boys later on in life? Men are very important to a tribe because its strength measured by its number of men. As a whole, women and men share this preference for the birth of a son, but women are very much so emotionally connected with their daughters and rely on them to help with housework. There are various symbols for both women and men. Women are linked with …show more content…
His mother made his beautiful wife take out her eyes and kicked her out. His mother than buried a ram as her so that when Muhammad came home he would think his mother was dead and buried and the woman left at the house was his wife who just aged very quickly, when in reality it was his mother who was still there not his wife. His mother was eventually caught of her wrong doing and thrown into a fire while Muhammad and his wife were reunited. This act of incest is now the reason for the black veil. A girl begins veiling when she becomes sexually active which should be at the time of marriage. The reason behind veiling is to show respect for the social order and the people who represent it. This is an act that is voluntary and situation, veil to fathers, elders, and those with authority. A woman may gain equality with men by not veiling in certain situations. The next topic the chapter went onto was sexuality. Marriage and sexuality intimidates control of elders and because of this it is made a point to down play the significance of marriage as much as possible. A woman gains honor the more she can deny sexuality and even married women must deny interest in her husband. She must show no interest in men and disguise any indication of attachment, if not she will be considered a “slut”. Also, young teens will be criticized if they show any interest that they would like to marry. Women may show some interest in front of peers, just not any superiors. It was said

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