Essay on Chapter 10 Discusses Corrections And Corrections

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Chapter 10 discusses Corrections. Within corrections there are many aspects. Looking at the number of individuals currently incarcerated, individuals who have previously been incarcerated, individuals working in corrects, and the correction system itself. Lets start with the development of corrections, over the past 200 years the ideas and rules of correction have changed. Just like society changes, so does the rules of corrections. It has changed from a place to punish individuals who have committed a crime to a more of a rehabilitation center for these individuals depending on where they are sent. Throughout the nineteen hundreds when penitentiaries were being built, it only took a little over 40 years for these facilities to be understaffed and overcrowded. Meaning we were locking to many people up and the staff was either not staying in their positions are there were not enough staff hired in the first place. Whatever the issue may have been this brought issues of not the proper treatment and care for these individuals incarcerated. To hopefully decrease some of the population, corrections came up with a mark system. What this did was let individuals who were ages of 16 to 30 were able to do good deeds such as clean, have good behavior, and further there education. By doing these things they were able to receive marks, which will give them good time. In the end this will take away fro their sentence and hopefully give them an earlier release date. When looking at…

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