Chapter 1: Common Sense, Atlas Shrugged, All Of Them?

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“Those books you read. Common Sense, Atlas Shrugged, all of them?”
“I had their contents stored in my brain when I was born. Every word of every book has been in my memory since I can remember. That’s how I knew they even existed. And also the location where the Mother Country stashed them. When I was fourteen, I broke open the storage unit containing them, and stole every single last one of them. The Unite was furious, but never made the heist public knowledge, and they never found out who actually took them. That’s how the books and other forbidden items ended up in Fredrick’s hands. I gave them to him.”
“You’re his supplier!” I would have never guessed Charles was that gutsy. To start a black market. He always seemed quiet, shy, and so revered by Unite leaders. He was such a good little pet. He fooled even me. However, the information didn’t really surprise me
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“Well? Do you know him?”
“Of course not. No one does.” He seemed a little too defensive but I let it slide. Charles didn’t think too highly of Detonate and his reputation. Leader of the dissenters. “Detonate had already tampered with the supplies before I found it. So he is probably higher up in leadership.”
“That kind of ticks me off Charles.” I almost laughed. “This whole time I could have just gone to you for the books and kept my rationed items.” Every month Fredrick would take my personal rations of great quality coffee and tea. The only payment of salary, really, I received for my nursing services and a very high price for my books. “I would have preferred to have dealt with you instead. You’d give me a fair price, at least.” I ended with a shy smile. I didn’t intend to say it in a flirtatious way, and I don’t even think it came out flirty, but whenever we started having a friendly conversation, a little heat would build between us. This small flicker of electricity. I felt it and the way his blue eyes burst into metallic blue silver, he felt it

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