Chanl No. Five, By Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel

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With full determination, high levels of confidence, passion, capability to take risks and expertise in networking one can have all what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Mind and a clear objective is a prerequisite. “To think, reason, and act to convert ideas into commercial opportunities and to create value” is correspondent to being an entrepreneur (Leech and Melicher 2012). Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel possessed these assets mentioned above; yet, there was something more to her. Chanel does not only inspire, she intimidates and that is why she is the unsurpassed, archival subject to be studied in greater depth. Chanel wasn’t born with Steve Jobs’ genius creativeness, neither was she born with Bill Gates’ wealth reservoir, yet she …show more content…
Coco had a creative mind and with that creative mind she incorporated a digit, number five. For some it is only a digit but for Channel it was an entrepreneurial opportunity. Number five became part of the most wildly known and profitable fragrance, Chanel No. 5. Chanel No. 5 was first of its kind as it was “the first perfume to be sold worldwide” (Gavin and Harris 5). Besides this well-known invention of fragrance, she also designed fashion that extended as far as jewelry, handbags, fragrance, and clothing. Chanel is responsible for redefining style and creating ageless design that women seek for even in the present day. She went from unpractical clothing to elegant and comfortable apparel that fit women lifestyles. Her designs represented freedom and self—expression and this characteristic trait deserves a special …show more content…
Wertheimer took advantage of Chanel’s business innocence and removed her almost completely for the business operations. Upon mutual agreement he agreed to fully finance production, distribution and marketing of her very own Chanel No.5 (“Coco Chanel Biography”). It took her almost 20 years to gain back what she has lost. The Wertheimer’s family, Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, continue to control the perfume company today (“Chanel—Company Profile”). Nevertheless, Chanel’s solo entrepreneur business and corporation of “Parfums Chanel” would never exist today if she didn’t notice an opportunity; that opportunity was to create a new trend that females of twentieth century would desire and possess. Chanel created a trend females incorporate today: little black dress, layered necklaces, and Chanel suit (Figure 1). Chanel says, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Even after 40 years, Chanel stands for everything a modern woman wants to be. She understood women and had the influential power to satisfy the fashion needs for average women from 1910 and further on. Ever since 1910, the product quality remains to be the strength of the privately owned by Wertheimer family brand (“Paris by Chanel”). In the future, Chanel’s fashion corporation remains to

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