Changing The Name Of Leadership Essay

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Changing The Name of Leadership
“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.” Eleanor Roosevelt once said. Growing up in a harsh life full of loss at only the age of 10, both her mother and father had died. Eleanor had nothing. What really opened her eyes to the real world, was when she was sent to England to go to an all girl’s school. The headmistress at the school, Mademoiselle Marie Souvestre, took Eleanor in, and had inspired her with education and the art of thinking. When Eleanor was eligible to return back to her hometown in New York, she did quickly. From then on, she became closely engaged with social services, and joined the Junior League, an organization for women that help volunteer to improve communities through leadership. She then began teaching at the Rivington Street Settlement House. October 11, 1884 was the day a true leader was born into America. Starting off with just joining the Junior League Organization, to becoming the First Lady, to speaking freely about human rights, and being appointed to the Commision on the Status of Women, Eleanor Roosevelt proved herself to be an inspiring leader.
Eleanor Roosevelt accomplished many important things during her life. Rising up from such a hard, distressed, life where she was a disappointed little girl, to then transforming into a world leader takes true confidence and courage. In her spare time when she wasn’t fighting for…

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