Essay about Changes During The 19th Century

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Sweeping changes impacted all of Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries; in fact, these two hundred years serve as the bridge between the Medieval Period and the “Modern Era”. Many antiquated systems and structures were eradicated, and in their place(s), new technologies emerged. One of the most significant changes occurred through the agricultural revolution. Ironically, these fundamental changes (in how people met their survival needs) most benefitted the already secure middle class and nobility. In reaction to continued oppression and poverty, and heavily influenced by the ideals of the Enlightenment, the peasants of Europe- in particular France-banded together to demand radical changes in the way society was structured, ultimately leading to the French Revolution. These two occurrences- the agricultural revolution and the French revolution- taken together, are responsible for major transformation across the society. However, these changes were not uniform or felt equally across a very segregated society. Depending upon one’s social class- peasant, middle class, or nobility- the daily life and prospects for improved security varied considerably. We will discuss the major changes in each of the following groups- peasant, middle class, and nobility- attempting to understand the impact of these two powerful revolutions-one economic and one political. The agricultural revolution, that took place during the mid-17th century, was a transformation from the old agricultural…

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