European Peasant Grievances

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If I was a European peasant, I would have many grievances and things to be thankful for. One of my biggest complaints would be that I could be used by one of the knights for target practice. They had the exclusive use of weapons, so it’s not like I could fight back. Not only do I have to feed them, but I could be killed by one of them. Another thing that I would grumble about is how monotonous my life is. Every day it’s the same old thing: wake up at dawn, work in the fields for hours, fix broken equipment, tend to the animals, then go to bed and do it all over again the next morning. The only break I would get from this cycle is when the seasons change. Depending on the season I do slightly different work. In spring I am focused on planting, …show more content…
The lord of our manor needs us to work the land for him, so he can’t just throw us off the land on a whim. Even though most of the food that we produce goes to the lord and his knights, at least we have the ability to grow food for ourselves and endure. Thank God, we aren’t slaves! We have a chance to become freemen if we save enough money and buy a charter of freedom from our lord. There is also the slim chance that if we are talented and cunning enough, we can gain a position in the lower clergy and raise to a position of power. Wouldn’t it be amazing to become a noble of the …show more content…
The Black Death spread for a variety of reasons. In 1348, the Black Death first appeared in the African and French port towns of Marseilles and Tunis. Since these were important centers of trade, the disease quickly spread along those trade routes. By 1350, most of Europe had been decimated by the deadly effects of the plague. This disease could be spread by touching someone or breathing on them. This made it particularly infectious because of the tightly packed and communal living spaces that most peasants occupied. An earthquake occurred in Italy in 1348 that further worsened living conditions. The Black Death was often linked to this earthquake, but little did the people know that it was caused by something that they interacted with on a daily basis: rats and

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