Change Management Is Planning, Organising, Leading And Controlling A Change Process

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Change management is planning, organising, leading and controlling a change process in an organisation to improve its performance as well as to achieve organisational goals. According to Ha (2015), it is a challenging, complex and continuous process that needs a specifics skill for leaders and managers. In fact this is important for change managers to identify the five key questions; Why? Who? What? How? When? And attend to them very carefully, because it can impact on the company’s business performance and sustainability. At the same time they must engage their stakeholders when they do any change to the business (Ha, 2015, p. xx).

Change is not an easy thing to put into operation. These days the majority of businesses are creating sustainability goals and initiatives a priority. According to ‘‘Mc Kinsey Global survey on The Business of Sustainability’’ (2011), ‘‘57% of respondents say their companies have included sustainability in to their strategic plan; 67% say that sustainability has included in to mission and values; and 60% say that sustainability has included in to external communications’’. But to provide resources to the company, leaders and managers need to show some value added of sustainability and build a strategy around it. Sustainable development includes economic, financial, environment and social aspects. To achieve environmental sustainability economic factors have to play a significant role to determine the suitable actions (Stoker,…

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