Rosabeth Kanter's Ten Reasons People Resist Change

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The standard way of thinking about change is that it’s too complicated and people aren’t open to it. On the other hand, our leaders are ignorant on the subject of change and why people resist it. In the article “Ten Reasons People Resist Change,” Rosabeth Kanter demonstrates ten strategies that our leaders can use to help our society cope with change. According to Kanter, our leaders must find a solution to our society resistance to change by using her ten strategies. If leaders want to implement a specific change, they must observe the reasoning behind society’s resentment towards it. Though I agree that all of Kanter ten strategies will help leaders be successful, I still insist that change will only happen if leaders take into account that …show more content…
If our leaders want to propose a change, they shouldn’t make it so complicated. It is best to keep things simple and familiar. In Kanter’s view, “humans are creatures of habit.” Basically, Kanter is saying that people have daily routines and habits that make them feel comfortable. When a change occurs, people are required to step out of their comfort zones and adjust to something different and uncomfortable. For instance, during my freshman year of high school, my father was diagnosed with a mental illness. My father did everything for our family: he did the taxes every year, paid rent every month, picked up and dropped off my siblings from school, and took us to our doctor appointments. After his illness, I had to take my father’s responsibilities. I had to learn about taxes and take care of my younger siblings. I didn’t feel comfortable taking my father’s duties because I felt too young and naïve. Also, my mom was a stay -at -home mom and didn’t speak much English, so she also had to make changes in her life. Furthermore, my family had to change their daily routines and adjust to a new lifestyle to accommodate my father. It was the most stressful we have ever been in our lives. We were comfortable with our lives and not prepared for my father’s …show more content…
If a change brings danger to society, our leaders must be prepared to be honest and do their best to tackle that threat. According to Kanter, “change is resisted because it can hurt.” Kanter is insisting that change can affect peoples' lives, such as losing a job to technology. For instance, my grandparents used to work for a DVD and VHS distribute company. However, the rise of Netflix and other streaming companies affected the company, and it was forced to shut down. My grandparents lost their jobs and were forced into early retirement. When my grandparents did try to find a job in their field, they still had difficulties because many employers want people with computer skills. The rise of technology is one significant change that is rapidly affected many people. Technology will continue to be a threat if our leaders don’t acknowledge the change it's bringing to our society.

To conclude, opposition to change can be prevented when our leaders can acknowledge that people need time, familiarity, and security to adapt successfully. If our leaders want to implement a change in our society, they must strategize around peoples' needs and learn how to work with them. People also need to speak up and give their feedback to their leaders. Ultimately, leaders will listen and take advice from people who are willing to do anything for our

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