Change Management Assignment Essay examples

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Master of Business Administration

Managing Change in Organisations


Date for Submission: 24 October 2011
Richard Morris (stu29915)
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Page 3 - Briefly describe a significant organizational change that has occurred within the last 5 years. Discuss the main internal and external drivers that made the change necessary and outline the key management objectives in making the change. Page 4 - Drawing upon material from the online module and/or relevant wider reading, demonstrate how managers planned the actions required to achieve their objectives. Demonstrate what additional techniques might have been used. Page 9 - Evaluate how effectively the process of
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| organizational culture | Centralized HQ that will bring departments together. Open office Layout with streamlined facilities and improved communications. | management systems | new flatter/Leaner business model spreading responsibility across a number of trusted employees as opposed to smaller group of senior managers | employee morale | New premises packed with luxury’s in a desirable location | Product Innovation | Quicker response time to market demands | Quality Improvements/Raised service Levels | Slicker/Cleaner systems that will reduce mistakes | | |

External Drivers | | Competitors | Competitor numbers growing. More resource being added to accessory divisions of large hardware distributors | Growing demands of client base | More and more customers require added value distribution. Particularly in e-tail i.e effective dropship model | Rapidly Changing Industry | More devices being introduced to the market i.e mobile handsets, tablets, mp3 players. This encourages the need for faster response times to customers accessory requirements | Customer Demographics | Kondors customers are evolving, particularly in there e-tail divisions. More resource needed to cater for this. | technological changes | Barcode scanning system sought to improve warehouse logistics. New Administrative software and communication systems to further improve output |

(RDI,2011I) 2. Drawing upon material from the

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