Essay on Change Is Not Always Bad

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Change Is Not Always Bad

As I sat in my room and reminisced over the change that happened in my life, a smile crossed my face. My smile was not because I like change, but it represented me overcoming the fear that gripped me every time change occurred. Many times in life I began to love or hate certain factors that life handed me depending on how I went through my first experience of that situations. Change is one of those factors I hated because when I first encountered it, I was young and just did not understand why we had to move.

Nausea flooded my body as quickly as my dad opened his mouth. " We are moving in two days to Fort Myers to start a church". These were words I never thought would come out of my dad 's mouth. As my mom and dad tried buttering up the dry look I had on my face by answering all the possible questions they thought a nine year old would have flying through her mind, it only made things worse. Everything they said just reminded me of all the stuff I had to leave behind. The things they were saying could not possibly be true. I knew it was impossible for me to find a better neighborhood to stay in than where we already were.

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How could they find a better school than the one I was already going to? I knew I would not be able to find new friends or at least find a friend that could temporarily fill the spot of my best friend, Alyssa. Oh and I cannot forget their favorite line, "everything will be okay". My brothers and I knew…

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