Change Is Inevitable For All Essay

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Change is inevitable for all. Even with great power, one cannot avoid it but just deal with it in some way. For some, change is incomprehensible while it may be apparent and simple to others. In Homer’s The Iliad, Achilleus’s wrath echoes to the heavens as it unfolds. The business of one has become the business of many including the gods on Olympus. This involvement invokes change upon both the mortals and immortals. Although both are of different worlds, they cannot escape the truths of fate. The mortals face the reality of their mortality while the gods recount their promises to one another as well as to the mortals. Each side is faced with a dilemma of making tough decisions that come with major consequences. Given their different statuses, the gods and mortals react differently to change.
Change, in The Iliad, appears in many forms, but most are the effects of the actions of others. Men live their lives to serve their personal agendas. It is human nature to follow their will almost without any regard for those around them. This unwavering willpower brings change upon the weaker wills of other men. Faced with change, the weaker man’s path is altered either slightly or drastically. From this alteration, man is given choices or must make it himself on dealing with the change. Through these experiences, they become more aware or more confused with what goes on around them. Regardless of whether they deal with it or not, they accept that change is inevitable and will…

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