Lessons In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Everyone has a dark side to them, what does it take to unchain yours? In the book Lord of The flies by William Golding each character experiences this change within themselves, and in many moments in our life we see this happens to us as well. In the book the boys end up stranded on a island; they do not know where they are or who is there with them. Throughout the book they find a conch shell and use that to symbolize control and sanity, they also use a pig’s head as an offering to the “beast”. The pig 's head resembles the Lord of The Flies. The three most important sentences in the book that help explain this concept are: “Maybe there is a beast . . . .maybe it 's only us.” (chapter 5), “There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the …show more content…
. . .maybe it 's only us.”, this quote explains how even when we think we act, and are normal, we can turn into savages even if we don’t directly notice it. In the book the boys experience internal and external changes within themselves. Some examples of this is when the boys start with their clothes on and throughout the book they decide they don’t need to wear clothes, they also cover themselves in the pig blood to feel more powerful. They experience changes internally by the crazed effect being stranded on an island gives them. Especially Jack, he loses his humanity very fast and turns animal-like. At the beginning Jack is laid back and goes with the flow when he doesn’t gain the power of being leader, then later on he branches off and creates his own group and turns against the other boys. “You’re a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thief!" (chapter 11), this is what Ralph says to Jack when he steals the conch. The conch was a key element in the book it resembled order; and their humanity, when it was stolen that just demonstrated how much Jack had changed. Throughout their journey on the Island, the boys faced many adversities which lead them to realize the beast wasn’t something they could see, but it was in each and everyone of

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