Essay on Change in Culture Case Study Two

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Change and Culture Case Study Two It has been six months after the organizational merger and the new administration initiated a significant reduction in force. Organizations are making the tough decision about workforce size and structure because of unstable economic times. Reduction in workforce is a way for the organization to cut costs with employee salaries and benefits. There was a decision made to redesign patient care delivery and the first recommendation was that of a universal worker who would deliver many support services. The manager is faced with the challenge of making the redesign work knowing this model often failed with implemented in other organizations. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the process of …show more content…
Collected are job descriptions, and the tasks assigned to the jobs, meeting minutes, databases, employee behaviors, and task outcomes. The manager observes the employees daily routines and also observes employee interactions between each other and the patients to gain insight into job specifications. “Meetings with staff and informal conversations about their expectations of the job are good sources for planning job redesign” Denos Health Management, 2008-2012, para. 3). The job analysis identifies, gathers, documents, and analyzes information related to the job tasks required to perform the tasks, such as employee knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is information and requirements that there is a relationship between the tasks performed. The universal worker is considered and is when an employee is cross trained in many tasks and departments to meet the needs of patients and the organization. Other factors affecting job redesign are cross training staff, work environment, and workload. Evaluating the current and new work environment is important because it affects the organizational culture and interrelationships between employees and managers. Cross training employees with additional skills for the new job and considering abilities of current employees is required for employees to master the new job skills to be successful. The manager needs

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