Challenges Of Nonprofit Management Case Study Essay

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Challenges in Nonprofit Management
LaTisha decided to pursue a career in public service, specifically in the nonprofit sector. LaTisha finally found her purpose; to help people, to inspire people, and to make a difference in the society. LaTisha aspires to be a nonprofit manager, nonprofit director, and/or public servant. LaTisha feels that ethics is foundation of a person. It is the sound and judgment of how a person approaches a situation and makes a decision. As public servant, LaTisha would need to be proficient in making ethical decisions to keep the success of the organization. LaTisha decided to evaluate the case studies associated with the challenges in nonprofit management.
Case 61: Ghost Worker at the Nonprofit
The case presents information about The Texas Citizens for Recovery and Treatment Association nonprofit organization that receives a great percentage of its funding from the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. Betty Bauer is the leader in this case. From the context clues presented in the case study, LaTisha would assume Betty is the nonprofit manager or CEO of the Texas Citizens Advocates for Recovery and Treatment Association Nonprofit organization (Sharp, Aguirre, & Kickham, 2011).
The issue Betty Bauer is faced with is trusting that a mandated pushes to create employment for an individual, named Jim Reynolds, association with Craig Brown, the Deputy Commissioner for Mental Health at the Department of Health and Human Services. Craig is…

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