Brief Strategic Family Intervention

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Challenges of CBT. CBT can be implemented in the treatment of gaming addiction but it also requires other forms of therapy and interventions to ensure success. Griffiths states that: “CBT can identify problematic cognitions that may underlie the reason why a person uses video games as a psychologic crutch, but it may not cure addictive playing without the use of other therapies interventions” (Griffiths, 2009, p. 250). Griffiths’ statement is particularly important when addressing gaming addiction in families and children and adolescence. CBT can help with the clients underlying needs to “escape” reality by playing video games but it does not address the parenting techniques and/or family infrastructure that may be enabling excessive computer use.

Brief Strategic Family Therapy
To address the need for family intervention with the support of CBT, I suggest using Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) discussed by a lead research in the field of gaming addiction, Kimberly Young (2009) as it incorporates the key players that are affected by the addiction. As we have learned in class, addiction does not develop overnight and rarely does it exist without a co-occurring
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For instance creating new family rules that rely on conflict resolution, the “escape” of video games is no longer necessary because there is room for self-expression and willingness to communicate. Young (2009) makes a very profound statement for the role of family therapy for gaming addiction she writes: “If the game provides a more appealing exciting and supportive environment than does the family, the adolescent will continue to gravitate to the game to meet unmet needs” (p.370). Re-building a family structure that focuses on healing and support, the child suffering with addiction will no longer have to rely on the gaming for

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