Essay On Family Intervention

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In every situation, there is always positives that comes out of the problem. In our family, they have many strengthens. Roy that has a disability is one in which that is active in the community. The community knows him and are comfortable with him. Roy is capable of building relationships with people around him. Roy guardians has good jobs within the community. Adam and his family taking Roy under custody, shows that Adam is an honest man that kept his word to his parents. It also shows the patience and wiliness to take care of his brother despite his disability. Lastly, Adam and his wife both show unity in the situation and were willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of a very grown adult. It shows a lot of maturity from Adam and his wife. Adam son is involved in school activities and clubs and is active to in and outside of school. When it comes to the needs of the family, the main focus is getting additional help with Roy. Finding an adult daycare could give Adam wife some time to get her job or motherly duties completed. It also gives the …show more content…
We choose this intervention to focus on Frank, Roy, and Adams wife. Through activities we hope to help the family understand each other better. For Frank, we want to give him a puzzle and use the puzzle to represent how people might be different but somehow people still work together to finish the ultimate goal. We want Frank to understand how important it is for him to understand his uncle disability because Frank accepting Roy could change the opinion of his mother wanting to put Roy in a foster home. This approach would also give us the opportunity to give Roy an activity that helps him best describe what he is looking for in Adams home. As in for his wife, we like to understand what is really bothering her and why she is in support of getting rid of a family member that she knows her husband promise to take of

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