Challenges Of Finding Herself Through A Long, Rocky Road Essay

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Owning a house, receiving a license at the age of 23, and being a single mother to 5 children may seem like a lot, but nobody could do it quite like her. Gain doesn’t come without pain. She has learned this the hard way over 15 years. Sejourney Leclaire faces the challenges of finding herself through a long, rocky road.
The struggles in life started early on for Sejourney. Life started spiraling downwards when her parents first told her, and her four siblings that they were getting a divorce. Although this was a tough time for her, this gave Sejourney the opportunity to grow an unbreakable bond with her father unlike many. A few years later, her brother Marty was murdered when she was 13 years old. To makes matters worse, her father died 6 months later. Sejourney took her father’s death extremely hard and still suffers today from the outcome of living without a father, and a grandfather to her 5 children.
“I met the father of my four children when I was a sophomore in high school.” Sejourney’s mother was not happy about this relationship because they were sexually involved early on. Her mother did everything she could do to keep Sejourney and Tony from seeing each other, but all efforts failed. Her mother sent her to a home in Marshall known as “The House of Hope.” House of hope is a faith based home that troubled girls live in for 6-12 months and have the chance to turn their lives around. Sejourney ran away from the House of Hope after being there for only eight…

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