Challenges Faced By The United States Culture Parental Leave Essay

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Challenges arise in many times in our lives. These could be going to college, finding your first job, or even handling family conflicts. In the United States culture parental leave is a troubling thing to juggle while also needing to bring in income to support the family. This is an area I did not know much about previous to this project. Many countries have some sort of plan in place for expecting couples, even if only for a few months, but the US does not; in fact, there is not a requirement for facilities to have paid time off around the birth of a child. Garrett et al. explained this further: Legislation typically specifies how long a woman must work in a covered job before becoming eligible for maternity leave. In some cases, eligibility is determined by length of employment in the current job; in other cases, the salient criterion is how long the employee has contributed to the social security/social insurance system. In some countries, cash benefits are provided… Finally, most nations prohibit dismissal during the leave period and guarantee employment in the former job or a comparable post upon return from maternal leave (402-403).
This does not apply to every business, as much of it is variable, but the above excerpt discusses and compare the US to other countries and their programs and policies in place. Young found that employers give time off but rarely, if ever, pay during that period. He found that only “an average of 16.7 weeks job-guaranteed…

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