Challenges Faced By Global Leadership Essay

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Issues and dilemmas are inevitable in global leadership. Global leaders encounter a variety of issues and dilemmas due to the cultural diversity they are required to work with. Three of the most common issues or dilemmas in global leadership are gender inequality, ethical dilemmas, and miscommunication. Global leadership is challenging due to the three factors previously mentioned. Each year women are taking leadership roles in large corporations, but not every country or culture accepts them as leaders. Ethics or ethical behavior is an area in the global industry that is difficult to understand, this in part, is due to the diversity in behaviors across the world. Not one culture has the same values or beliefs, which consequently, causes ethical dilemmas to arise. In addition to, lack of communication or any form of miscommunication can cause conflicts to arise. The different forms of communication in the world can be challenging to conquer. Global leaders must remain informed and educated on the countries they will be doing business with. Dilemmas and issues are very common in this form of leadership; however, leaders must remain ethical and have self-awareness to avoid a conflict that can cause a severe impact on their business.
Gender Inequality Gender inequality is a challenge women face more frequently than men. The amount of work women has accomplished to overcome this barrier and succeed has been difficult and exhausting, but it has been effective. Every year we…

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