Essay on Challenges and Opportunities on Kava

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Challenges and Opportunities on Kava

Dan Russell

University of Phoenix

MGT 350

February 20, 2011
Dan Konzen

Challenges and Opportunities on Kava

Aqua Harvest, Inc. has identified an opportunity for expansion of its water treatment and rain harvesting operations on the South Pacific Island of Kava. The island is an ideal situation in desperate need of both the products offered by Aqua Harvest, Inc. and the employment opportunities the expansion will bring. There are numerous challenges such a remote and exposed Island presents to a start up operation and each threat must be addressed to accomplish the directive of the company. Aqua Harvest is financially able to achieve its goals in Kava, but the natural forces
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Exportation of natural resources is the primary economic drivers for Kava. Coffee and Cocoa are the predominant crops readily available for export. Concerns and Opportunities Numerous challenges are present on Kava both natural and man made. These threats have kept many other operations from pursuing opportunities on Kava and must remain at the forefront of company thinking, both in the start up and ongoing operational phases.
Natural Disasters Kava lies directly in the South Pacific hurricane pattern and routinely is ravaged by the tropical storms. Flooding is common and nearby volcanic activity is steadily on the increase.
Man Made Threats Oil spills, both terrestrial and oceanic, are common and will be addressed with our product offering. This will be addressed later in the product offering narrative. HIV and AIDS are debilitating the population in Kava as it is in most developing third world countries. Additionally, there is a high risk for the avian or Bird Flu, most likely due to the poor quality of drinking water available, again our products can assist with this malady and will be discussed later.

Opportunities Kava is in dire need of a reliable source of clean drinking water. The continual natural destruction of the island only increases this need. Each time the island is hit with storms and floods, the

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