Case Study: Aston Martin

Selling premium cars can be a winning business strategy. Procedures of selling cars at higher prices require different marketing approaches than those used to sell cheaper vehicles. Marketing strategy for a deluxe car brand needs to exalt the quality of the car, and make a remarkable difference in the performance.
The brand of the luxury car chosen is Aston Martin.
British luxury carmaker Aston Martin has been in the business since 1914 and is known for its product placements in popular movies. Aston Martin produces high-end cars that fit the company’s image of sophistication, stylishness, reliability, and appeal. The company’s marketing strategy has been closely associated with James bonds films. The main market segmentation for the Aston
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 High quality products: since Aston martin is a luxury car, the quality of the car should do justice to the brand name. Therefore market strategies should focus of providing high quality cars to the customers. Quality materials should be used for making the car. The comfort factor should also be taken into consideration. A high end car should allow passengers to drive in style from the climate control to seat material and driving car handles, everything should be made in quality and style. The design of the car should also be well thought. Business and high income people will want cars which fit the idea of sophistication and elegance.  Excellent brand pull: sustaining or pushing up the image of the company by providing cars which are up to expectations of the customers should be one of the main goal of marketing strategies for high end brand cars. Luxury cars brands have to give their customers a reason to brag.  Good service: good service and after sales service should be provided, the augmented product could also consist of delivery, credit facilities and …show more content…
Business magazines to target more business people. The Aston martin also indulges in cinema advertising. Aston cars figured in James bond movies. Sponsorships deals will allow the company to increase its brand recognition around the world. However, Advertising in various countries should take different cultures into consideration.
Price in the marketing mix of Aston martin cars:
 Premium pricing: Aston martin charges very high price for its high end cars. Premium pricing allow customers to have an idea of the sophistication and brand status of the car. High tech and quality Aston Martin cars are sold at very high prices.
People in the marketing mix of Aston martin cars:
 Employees, Staff &Sales representatives: employees and staff should be given adequate training to work on the cars and sales representative should have enough knowledge about the cars to be able to advise customers about it.
Process in the marketing mix of Aston martin cars:
 Form filling: registration vehicle ID no., warranty claims and legal paper work.
Physical evidence in the marketing mix of Aston martin

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