Essay on Challenges And Challenges Of The New Orleans

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Challenges take place in everyone’s lives but, how do you overcome them? Everyone has different lives and, different challenges they must face and overcome. Let’s put the focus on mine. I’m going to take you back to the time when I moved back in New Orleans for my freshman year in high school. The time frame it took place was 2011-2012. I was just a fourteen-year-old kid dealing with the pressures of being influenced to become a drug dealer, being mistreated by my great-uncle, an unsupportive mother, and enduring through the day to day crime that happened in the streets of New Orleans. Ultimately, I learned how to survive on my own at an early age. Yeah, I’ve had a hard life but, let me explain how I have overcame those challenges. A little history about myself to catch you up, I’m originally from New Orleans before Katrina. My Family and I was forced to relocate and start new lives in Hammond back in 2006. It was a tough time for me growing up in an unknown place with a whole different feel from the suburban city life. Forty percent of my family ended up moving back to New Orleans to rebuild post- Katrina. Years went by with barely any communication with my family and then, my grandma who I barely knew popped up with a problem. She had started another battle with breast cancer for the second time. I didn’t really know how to take it because, I was only twelve years old when I consciously met her for the first time. Upon hearing that, my mother decided to drop our life in…

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