Essay on Central African Republic History

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Central African Republic became independent from France on 13th August, 1960 under the leadership of David Dacko. From here on the country has become increasingly unstable unstable. On 31st December 1965 David Dacko was overthrown by a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of government (a coup) by the army chief of staff, Col. Jean-Bédel Bokassa who assumed power the next day, and began a dictorial lead that gave all legislative and executive powers to the president. Soon after this the country became a monarchy and on Dec. 4, 1976, the Central African Republic became the Central African Empire. Further coups took place switching power back to Dacko and then losing it again in 1981 to the army commander President André Kolingba. He …show more content…
Peace agreements are made and there starts to be less and less fighting for a few years, but the Northeast has seen much battling by the rebels and french forces fighting on behalf of the government. Birao is the main town in the north that has had rebels take power of it, with the french bombing it hugely with 80% of it destroyed in March 2007. Since then there has been a tenuous ceasfire but still more than 200,00 central africans have been displaced by the fighting, and 70,000 have fled to neighbouring countries. Further Ugandan rebels move into CAR in February 2009 followed by the Ugandan national army in September. The fact that the country's boarders were forced upon them has lead to a weak unity so people got their sense of identity through religion and family. The majority are christian, with the minorty group of muslims. This lead to the muslim rebel group known as the seleka ousted the Chrsitian president Bozize, and a new president is installed named Michel Djotodia, who caused a "total breakdown of law and order" according to UN chief Ban Ki-moon. The christians have been forced out of their homes by seleka and are in temporary communities under seige, in very bad conditions. The people who try to leave this encampment have a high risk of getting beaten or killed. However the Christian militia have always been very violent attacking villages. The french have interevened to try and keep peace however there is circle of religious violence up until

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