Censorship Of The United States Essay

1055 Words Feb 29th, 2016 null Page
This paper looks at how the United States is going about censorship on the internet, specifically in the case of libraries. This study is part of a larger picture of censorship overall, however with the increase usage of the internet is becoming more relevant than censorship of books. The paper begins by noting how internet filtering software works. By investigating this modern issue, the paper justifies reasoning to use and to abolish internet filters in the library as there are two major opinions in this debate. In the lines with these desires, this paper with demonstrate a middle ground to which will expand into real examples used by modern libraries. Several historical documents were involved in the development of this essay including the United States Constitution, United States Codes, and various judicial acts all with the goal of improving one’s understanding of internet filtering. The research provides new insights into how internet filtering works and if it is beneficial to libraries.

Up to the present time there has been a growing concern about censorship in educational facilities—this includes schools, museum as well as public libraries. In the modern age censorship does not involve banning books, but alternatively the filtering of websites. Technology has become, in recent years, a vital element to youth’s education. As schools and libraries try to become modernized to keep patron usage high, they also attempt to have the nation’s young accessing crude…

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