Persuasive Essay On Books Should Be Banned

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As a child, my mother frustrated me by telling me to clean my room. I did not understand the concept of not living in a pigsty; I just wanted to go play. My version of cleaning was more like stuffing everything I could fit under my bed. My ignorance did not allow me to realize my cubby was not an infinite space, and eventually my beloved toys would flood over into my floor. As I grew and matured, my mom caught on to my ridiculous hiding space, and I cleaned my room. Trying to hide does not solve anything, especially when what we are hiding from surrounds us every day. Although America is a relatively young country, technology has developed immensely over the years. Social media, internet, and television are all examples of why banning books is like trying to fill a strainer with water. The OIF contends that books corrupt teenager’s minds when other forms of technology are far worse. Most teenagers see violence everyday on the news. Most teenagers see sexually explicit scenes everyday on social media. Most teenagers hear foul language every day at school or on television. Are parents calling to complain about other forms of technology as well? A total of “3,487 challenges from 2000-2009 were reported due to ‘violence’, ‘offensive language’, and ‘sexually explicit’ material” (“Top Ten Frequently Challenged” 2). …show more content…
If the rights of one should supersede the rights of many, then we contradict the privileges that our founding fathers granted us. For example, a parent has the right to monitor and even restrict materials believed to be inappropriate for their child; however, I do not agree that any single parent or group should dictate the level of which a book becomes inappropriate. Not only does this serve as unfair to the population, but to the author as well. As books are taken away, the author’s freedom of expressing himself or herself disappears with

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