Censorship And The Public Sphere Essay

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I agree with this argument because the social and political structures in society limits the use of free speech and media content though the use of censorship and the public sphere. Free speech and media content is important because it allows for the circulation of ideas and diversity and also helps democracy to function correctly. Regulations are defined as “formal and compulsory instructions about the structure, conduct or content of the media” ("Module 2: Unit 11: Media Regulation." 2.4 On Media Regulation and Self-regulation. Web. 22 Oct. 2015.). There are two main viewpoints on the issue of regulation. The individuals who supports regulation believe that the regulations will support the idea of diversity and concentrates on the idea of the public interest and the public sphere. They also believe in copyright and wants to prevent monopolies from forming. Those who reject regulation believe in the idea of a free market which includes the topic of supply and demand where what regulates media is the content and demand which is the audience.
The concept of the public sphere is important in the argument that regulations set the rules for media content. The public sphere is an area in society where people can discuss political or important issues from an academic perspective. The goal of the public sphere is to gain the ideas of the public or the public interest. This goal is important in the view of those who support regulation because the public sphere helps to circulate…

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