Cell Phones Are Essential For Every Day Lives Essay

879 Words Aug 5th, 2015 4 Pages
In the United States ninety percent of Americans own a cell phone (“Mobile Technology Fact Sheet”.) Nowadays, Americans use their mobile phones for many things from checking the weather to watch a movie. Cell phones are essential for every day communication and have become one of the top priorities for users. Cell phones are lifesavers and makes life easier. Mobile phones are lifesavers. These devices have become an ally in helping save people’s lives. One way that a cell phone can save a life is the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System). The GPS can help authorities to find people’s location when their lives are in danger. For instance, a man from North Carolina felt down into the air conditioner vent. He was able to be rescue after the rescuers used GPS technology (“Police use cell phone GPS to rescue man who fell 40 feet down hotel air conditioning shaft”). Another way a cell phone can be a lifesaver is by sending text messages requesting for help. In fact, a woman was saved by sending a text message to her sister after she was abducted (“Text message leads police to woman kidnapped in Tennessee”). For these reasons, cell phones are a necessity in today’s society. Without a doubt, we have learned the positive impact that cell phones have in people lives. Mobile phones make life easier. Comparatively with decades ago, cell phone technology in the present days has made extraordinary advances. Particularly in this century, citizens are able to deposit a…

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