Celebrities And Pop Culture Essay

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Celebrities and pop culture have taken over people’s lives. If someone walks into any store the one, and only thing that will always be there is a tabloid. But why do people love to know so many details about celebrity’s lives? Why are people so fascinated on being just like their favorite celebrity? People choose to worship celebrities because they want to live vicariously through them; people want to live a life that is comparable to their favorite celebrity.
Celebrity worship or idolization is where a person becomes overly obsessed with the nitty gritty details about a celebrity’s life. When celebrity worship goes too far, it’s called celebrity worship syndrome. CWS is an obsessive, addictive disorder where a person has to know everything about a certain celebrity, almost like a drug. Why are people so addicted to essentially living through a celebrity? Eric Hollander, MD, professor of psychiatry says,
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Is it their personality or outward appearance? Is it their gender or their age? There was a study done in Taiwan of about two thousand adolescents to determine what makes a celebrity an idol. Oddly, 55.5 percent of people in the study idolized someone who was the opposite gender (Lin). 66.8 percent of the idols were in the entertainment industry, 10.1 percent of the idols were not celebrities (family, friends, etc), 10.7 percent were fictional characters (superheroes), 4.8 percent were entrepreneurs, 4.6 percent were intellectuals, and 3 percent were politicians (Lin). The adolescents mostly looked at if their potential idol was good looking, if they were knowledgeable and clever, and if they were funny; the least looked for qualities in the individual was income, athleticism, and body shape (Lin). People always have a reason for liking the celebrity that they do and it’s not always their talent. There are more special qualities, like humor, that make fans feel like they know their idol on a personal

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