Celebrations and Memories Ltd (Cml) Case Exam Mark Assessment Guide

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May 2008 Case Examination
Celebrations and Memories Ltd. (CML)
Markers use a scale of 0 to 10 in assessing the components, according to the following guidelines:
General Assessment
Number Scale
AE—Above Expectations
9, 10
ME—Meets Expectations
6, 7, 8
BE—Below Expectations
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NA—Not Addressed
Markers must mark each of the attributes and competencies globally. Judgment must be used in assessing the competencies exhibited in the candidate’s response and assigning a mark for each competency. Guidelines for weighting the various attributes are indicated throughout the assessment guide.
Note: In addressing any of the issues, indicating that the issue “needs to be resolved” or “further
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• Risks associated with strategic alternatives such as increasing operating costs in Alberta, high risk of theft of DVDs.
• External risks such as decreasing availability of labour, stagnating construction of secondary malls, declining number of tobacco users.
AE = Three internal and two external risks are identified and used/resolved in the analysis of more than two strategic alternatives;
ME = Two internal risks and one external risk are identified and used/resolved;
BE = One risk is identified, but not used or resolved;
NA = No attempt to address risks.
b) Compliance and Governance:
Compliance with regulatory guidelines and other governance issues are identified and appropriately considered and resolved (e.g. remittance of payroll deductions for children of store managers, compliance with GAAP).
AE = One or more compliance/governance issue is identified and used/resolved;
ME = One compliance/governance issue is identified and analyzed, but use/resolution is not reasonable (e.g. analysis/resolution has errors);
BE = One compliance/governance issue is identified, but not analyzed, used, or resolved;
NA = No attempt to address compliance/governance issues.
CMA Canada 3
In assessing F3, attribute a) should be given the greatest weight.
a) Quantitative Analysis of

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