Gloria Steinem And Morgan Analysis

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In “Celebrating Global Feminism with Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan”, author Melena Ryzik sheds light on Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan’s upcoming Festival Albertine, which discusses feminism around the world. Ryzik tells the story of two activists’ journey of pushing for activism. This article was interesting to me because the way the author portrayed women as strong leaders who have made significant accomplishments resonates with my ideas and identity as an aspiring female leader. While informative, this article also perpetuates certain beliefs that impact how we think about feminism. The author uses structure, diction, and quotes to outline the belief that feminism is beneficial because it calls attention to problems women face, and that misogyny is a real issue.
The author structures the article to emphasize the point of view of feminist advocates, which reflects the beliefs surrounding feminism. The article starts with two narratives from both Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan explaining their experiences in
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The quotes were mostly from Steinem and Morgan, or people who share common beliefs with them. The reader can assume that Steinem and Morgan promote the ideologies of feminism because they are feminist advocates themselves, which influences their opinions and quotes. There are many cases throughout the article where quotes were used to define misogyny as a prevalent issue. During the interview, Steinem states that “if we didn’t have wombs, we’d be fine.” Steimen argues that being a woman is a disadvantage, a common ideology in misogynistic culture. Additionally, the author includes quotes from Benedicte de Montlaur, the French Embassy’s cultural counselor. Montlaur explains, “we face the same issues, of underrepresentation, of lower salaries.” She claims that systemic inequality against women impacts women around the

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