Was Cavour Responsible For Italian Unification

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How far do you agree that the role played by Cavour primarily accounts for the unification of most of Italian Piedmont in 1861?

In 1861, Italy was declared a united nation-state by Sardinian King Victor Emmanuel II. Though there had been quite some help of others. Such as Giuseppe Garibaldi with his extraordinary guerrilla warfare which he used on Austrian armies who had not been taught how to counter these attacks. Also, Giuseppe Mazzini who had a great influence on the youth and was also the founder of the newspaper Young Italy. Although, the man who had the most influence on the unification of Italy was Camillo Cavour, a man of a well educated background who did everything he could for the unification of Italy. He introduced new railways
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Napoleon III who actually helped Italy in the unification, to restore his power in France after his unsuccessfulness. The tension between Austria and Piedmont was getting bigger. In 1859, Piedmont started to assemble an army where the prince of Austria took advantage of and declared the war on Piedmont. Napoleon III made peace with Austria which lead to the liberation of Piedmont. Also, Napoleon III aided Cavour in his battle against Austria and Piedmont. France had more advanced weapons, without the help of Napoleon III Cavour would not have been able to defeat …show more content…
The well educated man had modernised Italy. The railways of Italy had been expended and the agriculture was more modern which lead to more jobs for the south. Also, Cavour did have international powers such as France and Britain. This resulted into having more support in the battle of the Austrians against the Piedmontese. This lead to the liberation of Lombardy and Venetia. Although, the great guerrilla warfare techniques of Garibaldi which caused the liberation of Naples and Sicily had a big influence as well. And so did the great power of Napoleon the III and Mazzini’s political society. Though, Cavour’s actions resulted into great outcomes and had a positive effect on Italy’s development and unification. Surely the actions of Mazzini, Garibaldi and Napoleon III had been of great importance in the unification of Italy, but the actions of Cavour lead to more positive results and were purely meant for the unification of Italy, and thus Italian

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