Causes Of World War 1 Break Out

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81A homework: Why did world war 1 break out?

World war 1 officially started on July 28 1914, however there had been many things happen before the war which contributed to causing the war. There were 5 main causes; the alliance system; two groups of 3 countries who would protect each other at war, the arms race;the competition to have the biggest army and the most weapons, Morocco in 1905 and 1911; when Germany tried to gain power over morocco but was humiliated; the
Balkans, because the countries in the Balkans were in different alliances and finally the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand; when 2 serbs were accused of killing Austria Hungary 's archduke.In my opinion, the alliance system was the main cause of World War 1.

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Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were killed by a group of Bosnian-Serbs who were part of the terrorist group the black hand. It happened when they were visiting Bosnia inspecting the army in Sarajevo. They were assassinated on 28 June 1914 which was was also Serbia 's National Day. Franz Ferdinand 's visit was a direct insult to the Serbs and that also angered the Bosnian-serbian terrorists. They planned on killing him when he was driving down the main road in Sarajevo, the Appel Quay. The first conspirator who tried to kill Franz Ferdinand threw a bomb at his car, he missed and was arrested this then meant that Franz and Sophie escaped unhurt. After the incident they both decided to abandon the visit and return home taking a different route to the one planned. No one had informed the driver that the route home had been changed. Therefore, the driver turned into Franz Josef Street,which was the way they were originally meant to go. The duke told the driver of his mistake so they stopped the car. Unfortunately, one of the terrorists (Gavrilo Princip) was there on his way home.Gavrilo Princip pulled out his gun and shot at him, he hit him in the jugular vein, after he then shot Sophie.Franz Ferdinand had bled to death and his wife died almost instantly after impact. This event led to war because Austria-Hungary was desperate to declare war on Serbia and they finally had a reason, …show more content…
For example, the alliance system links back to the assassination because it could have just been a small war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia but it ended up being a world war because both countries had allies who got involved to fight for their side. As you can see here the two different causes are linked. The alliance system links all of them together because if one country declared war on another, whether it be because of bitterness or because they want to prove they have the best army,both countries would get their allies involved to protect them. My conclusion is that the alliance system was the main cause of the war. This is because if the countries didn 't have allies the war wouldn 't have escalated into a world war. You could also argue that the assassination caused the war because the war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary wouldn 't have happened if the assassination hadn 't have took place, however if the countries didn 't have allies it wouldn 't have been such a large war. You could even argue that what happened in Morocco was the main cause of the war because it left the German Kaiser angry,bitter and wanting revenge on France, however the alliance system still plays a part because when Germany does declare war on France, Britain (who was one of France 's allies) declares war on Germany to protect France. As you can see no matter what cause you pick they all link back to the alliance

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