Causes Of Trouble In School

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School troubles: From the moment I started grade school until the day I graduated high school, I was consistently difficult and a mess. School was the only reason why I ever got into trouble. Being a son of a police officer, I generally had a good idea of what I shouldn’t to or whom I should not associate myself with. Unfortunately, my lack of commitment and focus in school gave my parents a lot of grief. I do not know why I had such a hard time in school. I guess I hated the fact that I spent all day learning and now I have to go home and learn some more with the homework that was given to me. Even when I was in first grade I had homework to do after school. I hated it and I never wanted to do it. My mom would have to sit down next to me …show more content…
My parents and I had a very close and solid relationship, although it was my lack of commitment and effort in school that sometimes would separate us. Now that I am older and understand the value of education, I feel horrible that I was the main cause of many fights that my parents had together about my school performance. Lets face it. I know I was the problem but the schools and the teachers often blamed my parents. It was not my parent’s fault and they weren’t bad parents. I was just acting like a punk. I am not proud of how a skated or barely made it through school depending how you look at it. I think it’s embarrassing now that I look back on it. I barely graduated high school because of my issues with doing homework. I remember in high school it came down to the last couple weeks of my senior year. All my teachers were fed up with me. They had all thrown me so many lifelines to try to prevent me from failing. I even had one of my favorite teachers fill out on me and give me a lecture for being such a turd. He called me a turd every time he was made at me. I think it pissed him off more when I smiled and laughed when he called me that. I thought it was funny to have a teacher call one of his students a …show more content…
Moran. I think now he is the Principle of my high school but at the time, he was my art teacher. I practically took every art class he taught and I even was his teacher assistant. He would constantly go to bat for me to the other teachers and staff. He would give me pep talks about life. I felt horrible how I would take advantage of his kindness. He was basically in my corner the whole time up until the very end when my attitude made him reach his breaking point. He saw through all my games I would play with my teachers. He would call me out on everything I did. He even told me that the only reason why I didn’t fail my classes was because I was the school’s star swimmer. He was absolutely right. I knew that I had it easier because I was an athlete and I took advantage of it. It was not until I came back from Marine Corps boot camp when I walked into my high school to find all my teachers. It took my a couple days but I made sure that I looked them in the eye to apologize for my behavior and all the drama I caused them. It was important for me that they knew I took complete ownership and that I knew what all they tired to do for me. I waited to see Mr. Moran last. I guess it was because I was so nervous. I respected him so much and I was ashamed of how I manipulated him and used him. As soon as I walked into his classroom, he smiled at me and said, I am so glad that the turd has decided to finally grace me with his presence. I remember how much I was

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