Essay On Drug Abuse In Prison

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“I 'm tired. The murder I committed is still fresh in my mind. How could I have been so stupid? Why didn 't I simply leave and never look back? I 've caused pain in so many lives: my own, my family 's, the victim 's family. The damage is done. Only the shame and the scars remain.” Mason (1987). This is a thought of a prisoner who has to deal with what he has done in the past and the feelings he has to carry around. Hindsight is usually 20/20. A criminal rarely thinks about the repercussions of the actions caused until it is all said and done. The feeling the family has to endure has to be one of the hardest things to deal with after a crime has been committed against a member of the family. The other hardship feeling is one of anger towards …show more content…
Some of them are the same issues there are on the outside of prison. Drug usage is a problem in prison just as much, if not more than outside. There are a lot of men and women that do drugs, abuse drugs and are addicted to drugs. The habits don’t go away just because of incarceration. The things that landed an individual in prison are things that will plaque the individual while in prison. There are some programs in place that could possibly help the prisoners that have problems with addictions. There is also a program for parolees. “The participants consisted of paroled offenders that violated state parole by testing positive for illicit drug use.” Zanis, Coviello, Lloyd, Nazar (2009). It was a program that they could enroll in or finish the sentence. The program was for 12 months and consisted of 4 different phases of involvement. The parolees that completed all four phases of treatment were termed treatment completers. This program was not a tell all, numbers correct for all parolees. It is a rough likelihood that some programs can work to get parolees help to stay off drugs if they chose. The results for this test showed less than 30% of parolees successfully completed this program and stayed off

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