Causes Of Poverty Around The World

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Poverty around the World
The number of people who survives on less than $1.25 per day is about one billion. This is astonishing, because the advancement in technology and scientific discoveries has contributed less in the reduction of poverty across the World.
Poverty is a relative term, and different people and societies have different standards to measure poverty. However, the most common and agreed definition of poverty is that, it is the lack of money to sustain a healthy life. Hunger, no access to basic health facilities and the lack of shelter/house are the most crucial and basic meanings of extreme poverty. Global poverty is not the result of a single factor, rather there are many factors which caused it, and are constantly
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Wars, natural disasters and many other factors have been causing people to migrate from one region to the other. This leads to the demographic changes, and hence the resources of some particular regions become exhausted. The world population has increased at such a speed in the past few decades, that the researchers fear the depletion of all important resources in the near future. The lack of population planning in the world, and particularly in the developing world is indeed the most important factor in causing and sustaining poverty across the world.
The changing social behaviors have also contributed in the increase of poverty worldwide. Inequality is increasing in the world, which leads to the increase in poverty, because the lower social groups in societies are excluded from the mainstream economic activates. According to the United Nations social policy and development program, the “inequalities in income distribution and access to productive resources, basic social services, opportunities, markets, and information have been on the rise worldwide, often causing and exacerbating
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The most important and evident factor for causing poverty is indeed the replication of the World population over the last centuries. World resources are constant, while the consumers have increased, which initiated competition, and hence the fittest survived at the cost of weaker. Some of the important factors for global poverty are the lack of consensus on global governance, environmental degradation and the loss of agricultural space, demographic changes and the changing social behaviors. The debts of poor nations are off course another sustainable factor in global poverty. There is a need to thinks seriously about the unstoppable poverty in the world. The only way forward is to enhance sustainable development, rather than exploitative progress. The policies of inclusion are required to promote, rather than exclusion, where only the fittest

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