How Did Hitler Deal With Internal Opposition

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In what ways, and with what success, did one authoritarian or single-party ruler deal with internal opposition?

Existing internal political, military, social and economic opposition in Nazi german was dealt with by both legal and illegal means with varying degrees of success. Hitler’s exploitation of situations and use of violence allowed him to successfully destroy threats from other party’s as well as within the NSDAP as well as potential economic opponents. Violence as a method was mostly successful for Hitler in dealing with military opposition, and very successful for eliminating youth-led resistance. However, Hitler was unable to truly gain control of the church and thus failed to extinguish religious opposition.

Hitler used both legal and illegal means to quash political opposition with great success, within the Nazi party as well as in regards to other
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Hitler exploited the fear of communism in order to simultaneously eliminate the Communist party and bolster support for the Nazi Regime. In particular, he used the Reichstag fire that occurred on 27th February 1933, started by dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe to justify the repression of and cultivate a fear of communism. The Reichstag fire led to Hitler persuading Hindenburg to pass Law for the Protection of People and the State through Article 48 (presidential decree), that allowed him to legally destroy the communist (KPD) threat. His methods to repressing this internal opposition were largely successful, with almost 1000 SDP members and 150000 KPD members sent to concentration camps. His success is also evident from the 1933 March 5 Elections where the Nazis gained 44% of the German people’s support. The communist threat was also dealt with by SA who used violence and intimidation to drive members of the KDP underground. Also, Furthermore, by passing the Enabling Act on March 24th 1933, all remaining political opposition was effectively eliminated. After the

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